Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Party Update

Ok, so sorry to keep you all waiting.
As promised, here are some highlights from Saturdays party:

-puppy was in a room with other naked men for the first time in his life.
-I was entrusted more than one time with other boys, at one time having 3 at a time in my 'care'.
-I stroked and played with at least 4 cocks, a first at one time for me.
-puppy and 6 other bois were tied by their leashes to one of those big X type crosses, and the women were free to play with and tease them as they wished. puppy had a particularly beautiful Mistress tease and play with him for several minutes.
-That same gorgeous girl took quite a liking to me, and she and I played quite a bit over the course of the evening.
-one of the 'house boys' (unescorted toys that were there for everyone's pleasure) was hooked up to the house's fucking machine and his 'pussy' was violated while he was spanked repeatedly by the host until he begged for reprieve.
-after the play on the X was done, and the crowd had dissipated from that room to other areas of play, I forced puppy up against it and teased him. I faux-fucked him, forcing his 'clit' into it and playing with his 'pussy' and balls while his abused 'clit' dripped and leaked all over the X and its platform. I teased and played with him until he begged me to fuck his 'pussy'. THEN
- I took him into a back bedroom and made him beg some more. Then, I took him from behind, putting my 'cock' in his 'pussy' and made him scream for me to fuck his 'pussy' while I slammed into him over and over. After a significant amount of begging, I flipped him on his back, and made him spill his dirty cum all over his stomach.
-Since puppy had been so very good, we culminated the evening having intercourse on a bed next to another couple. While I did allow puppy to penetrate me, he was not supposed to cum. Unfortunately, he did. As punishment, I made him help clean up the cum from the other girl when she had her toy cum on her stomach.
-the girl was being fucked in a swing that had been specially designed by a boy that was in attendance at the party. While her toy fucked her, I fondled her breasts and whispered dirty talk in her ear and helped to bring her to orgasm, puppy on his knees next to me all the while.

All in all, I would say the party was a good time, wouldn't you?


Frans said...

Wow, you guys have really jumped in headfirst into this femdom thing! How'd you find such a party, I wonder?

Btw... love the "beg for the peg" poster!

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