Tuesday, January 25, 2011

O rings and other things.-puppy speaks

Was at Home Depot picking up stuff for the house and realized i stumbled onto the section that had metal O-rings.  Remembering last week and the struggles my Master had while fucking my "pussy" with the strap on (the rubber O ring was too big) i realized that a metal O-ring would be perfect, it would be tighter on Her "cock" and therefore give Her the ability to truly fuck the way She desired.  i gazed at the o ring and daydreamt about being taken by Master....bent over.....used....penetrated, like a whore.  So many times in my past i took woman that way....used their pussys for my pleasure, slammed into them hard, felt the surge of power of having a wet pussy open up before me and a woman give her body to me like server offering her cusine for me to taste.  But lately....i was that server, i was the one offering up my hole to be used and taken, slammed in and opened up before Her, groaning as Her cock stabbed and pierced me like a animal laying claim to a bitch in heat  i was surprised that here in the middle of a hardware store dedicated to manly pusuits and all i could do was stare at the o ring and hope it fit well over my Masters cock so She could take me they way She desired.


lightspeed said...

Well said Slave Tony, Sub Randy

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