Saturday, January 29, 2011

A new playmate?

Last night I had drinks with a friend that, prior to this game had been one of the women we used as a third when puppy and I would play. She is a very sexy girl, and highly sexual. One of the few that can keep up with me physically and mentally.
I told her a little about our game, and she was VERY intrigued. Throughout the course of the evening, I discovered that she was more than simply intrigued, and that she would at the least be interested in playing with us and at best she might just be my newest sub.

I have nicknamed her kitten. Now I have a puppy AND a kitten of my own. OOOH!
We played a little at the bar, mostly mentally and a little physically. After I left, my head was reeling! Oh the possibilities that a puppy and a kitten pose! What can I do? What CAN'T I do?
I proceeded to tease puppy for the next several hours, going over some ideas....

We could have a sub olympics. The two of them could compete in certain tasks. The tasks could be eating me out, fucking me with the strap on (her) and the new black hollow cock (him), bathing me, shaving me, rubbing my feet, etc. They will be awarded points based on their performance, and the grand finale would be that they perform oral sex on each other  in a 69 while I watch. The first one who cums loses. Since my kitten really likes anal sex, and has expressed a fantasy of using a strap on to take a man anally, the winner of the olympics gets to fuck the loser in the ass! My, doesn't THAT sound fun?

What else can I do with her? I want to tie her to my door and him to my bed. I want to torture her clit and nipples and fuck her pussy with my strap on while he watches. I want to fuck him while she watches. I want to tie them together so that they can't move autonomously, then take turns using my flogger on them! I want to bend her over the bed and take her ass with my strap on and make her beg me to fuck her hard. I want to get her a kitten tail attached to a butt plug and have her wear it while she serves me! I want to take them both to the next boy toy party as my toys. Both of them collared, leashed, hooded and nude for me to play with and share with others according to my whim. I want to take her to a bar and force her to flirt with the man of my choosing, turn him on and then leave with me. EEEEE! I am so excited! The ideas are rushing through my head so fast I can't type fast enough!

We are still in the initial stages, and will be making plans to play a little soon. Not sure how permanent it's going to be. Ultimately I think I would LOVE to have a contract with her too. Either way, I think the next several weeks are going to be AWESOME!


lightspeed said...

Goddess has a new kitten. Oh my! The adventures she's planning on and going to have will be mind blowing. Puppy will have his hands full with pleasing tasks and kinky adventures as Goddess wishes them to happen. To see them pleasuring Goddess would be a great honor. Love to be part of that adventure. Being tied to a waiting pole, watching her command her pets, the excitment would be earth shattering. The sight of puppy and kitten in a 69 position and Goddess using a strapon one or both of them, exellent. Happy Adventures ahead...Sub Randy said...

Mistress Liz so sexy a kitty and puppy love to come Dom them with you your Dom in mesa

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