Thursday, January 6, 2011

My new toy!

So, last night I had puppy take my car after work and detail it. What a good job he did! He really shined it up so nicely.

As a reward, we sat in the car for about an hour, him with his pants down, fully exposed and vulnerable to me. I proceeded to spend the time edging him, or making him edge for me and ride it over and over.... I would say in all about 15 times, maybe more.

puppy is my new favorite toy. I just love abusing his clit and pussy. It makes me so wet to watch his eyes beg me to stop when I tease his clit over and over, to hear him pant when he is close and then see his anxiety when I don't let him cum. I have always enjoyed my sex life with tony, but this new game is by far my favorite. I get drunk off the power I have over him, and I love the way he really has started behaving like a lovesick puppy.

I love giving him a certain dominating stare and making him avert his eyes just with that. I love making him insanely horny and then teasing him even more. I love when he reverts to RL and tries to tell me he can't take much more teasing, or reminds me he is not naturally sub, only to have him grovel with a quick stroke of his clit.

I am addicted to teasing him. I wish I could keep his clit with me all the time and just fuck with it all day. I wish I could tie him up in a corner while I work and make his clit stay hard all day long.

I am so obsessed with this game.

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