Wednesday, January 5, 2011

puppy speaks-

Puppy is happy with all that has happened....he needs to be trained and is sometimes a very bad puppy....tonight he squirted a little when edging his dirty little slit for Master and will tell Her.  puppy loves Master.  puppy saw her at work today....she looked so beautiful it was hard not to hump leg and sniff crotch.  Master looks more radiant than ever and puppy's friends can see it as well.  They flirt with Master even more than before.  puppy will be probably going to his first dog show with Master this weekend....nervous but VERY excited.  Master will have new collar on puppy and show puppy off to other Masters and Mistresses.  puppy hopes hit clit doesn't leak so much and wonders is Master will be looking and lusting after bigger doggies.  Even as puppy writes this, clit is leaking and pussy wants to be played with.  puppy can be such a naughty girl and a dirty little whore.  Wanting to feel Masters cock and rub clit over Masters leg is so fun.  puppy hopes Master is happy with diary.  puppy needs to go to bed.  Night!

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