Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcoming kinky ideas....

Mmmmm what fun things should I do this week and weekend?  Answer the poll and add comments or other suggestions here.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Riding Crop

Big, big THANK YOU to east valley sub for the riding crop he bought me! I received it yesterday, and made good use of it on my puppy's ass, balls and clit for a couple of hours last night. OOOOH! So much fun!

I tied puppy to the door in the bedroom (which I do quite often, but this time I made him face the door). I attached his legs to the spreader bar, put the blindfolded hood over his head and spanked him over and over with my new crop. His ass got red. I LOVE spanking him. I love making him jump when the sting is more than he expected. I love taking his breath away when he feels the leather connect with his clit. I LOVE hearing him hold in his breath with worry when I touch it to the balls. I love rubbing it on his balls, then slapping it ever so soft, then again a little harder, then harder, etc until I have ALMOST hit him too hard for comfort.... Then pulling it back and letting him hear the wind up, and just when he thinks his balls are really going to get it, I'll come down hard on his unsuspecting ass and make him moan, cry out and jump all at the same time. Also, puppy loves having his nipples pinched and bitten. They get SO hard for me when I bite down on them or squeeze them in between my fingers and give them a little tug. They REALLY like the crop. I stood next to him and spanked them, telling him I would keep hitting harder and harder until he made those nipples hard for me. I made him say "yes Master, my nipples love your abuse" while I did it! Wow, I really like this toy!

So, thank you thank you thank you, evs for the gift! I LOVE it! I wanted to take pics to share, but I got so caught up in the fun I completely forgot! Next time, I will take pictures and share! Here is one I found online that captures it pretty well though....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A new playmate?

Last night I had drinks with a friend that, prior to this game had been one of the women we used as a third when puppy and I would play. She is a very sexy girl, and highly sexual. One of the few that can keep up with me physically and mentally.
I told her a little about our game, and she was VERY intrigued. Throughout the course of the evening, I discovered that she was more than simply intrigued, and that she would at the least be interested in playing with us and at best she might just be my newest sub.

I have nicknamed her kitten. Now I have a puppy AND a kitten of my own. OOOH!
We played a little at the bar, mostly mentally and a little physically. After I left, my head was reeling! Oh the possibilities that a puppy and a kitten pose! What can I do? What CAN'T I do?
I proceeded to tease puppy for the next several hours, going over some ideas....

We could have a sub olympics. The two of them could compete in certain tasks. The tasks could be eating me out, fucking me with the strap on (her) and the new black hollow cock (him), bathing me, shaving me, rubbing my feet, etc. They will be awarded points based on their performance, and the grand finale would be that they perform oral sex on each other  in a 69 while I watch. The first one who cums loses. Since my kitten really likes anal sex, and has expressed a fantasy of using a strap on to take a man anally, the winner of the olympics gets to fuck the loser in the ass! My, doesn't THAT sound fun?

What else can I do with her? I want to tie her to my door and him to my bed. I want to torture her clit and nipples and fuck her pussy with my strap on while he watches. I want to fuck him while she watches. I want to tie them together so that they can't move autonomously, then take turns using my flogger on them! I want to bend her over the bed and take her ass with my strap on and make her beg me to fuck her hard. I want to get her a kitten tail attached to a butt plug and have her wear it while she serves me! I want to take them both to the next boy toy party as my toys. Both of them collared, leashed, hooded and nude for me to play with and share with others according to my whim. I want to take her to a bar and force her to flirt with the man of my choosing, turn him on and then leave with me. EEEEE! I am so excited! The ideas are rushing through my head so fast I can't type fast enough!

We are still in the initial stages, and will be making plans to play a little soon. Not sure how permanent it's going to be. Ultimately I think I would LOVE to have a contract with her too. Either way, I think the next several weeks are going to be AWESOME!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

O rings and other things.-puppy speaks

Was at Home Depot picking up stuff for the house and realized i stumbled onto the section that had metal O-rings.  Remembering last week and the struggles my Master had while fucking my "pussy" with the strap on (the rubber O ring was too big) i realized that a metal O-ring would be perfect, it would be tighter on Her "cock" and therefore give Her the ability to truly fuck the way She desired.  i gazed at the o ring and daydreamt about being taken by Master....bent over.....used....penetrated, like a whore.  So many times in my past i took woman that way....used their pussys for my pleasure, slammed into them hard, felt the surge of power of having a wet pussy open up before me and a woman give her body to me like server offering her cusine for me to taste.  But lately....i was that server, i was the one offering up my hole to be used and taken, slammed in and opened up before Her, groaning as Her cock stabbed and pierced me like a animal laying claim to a bitch in heat  i was surprised that here in the middle of a hardware store dedicated to manly pusuits and all i could do was stare at the o ring and hope it fit well over my Masters cock so She could take me they way She desired.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

shaved and pampered

So, last night puppy prepared me for play. He ran me a bubble bath, then proceeded to wash and clean every inch of my body. He washed my hair and face. I made him do all of this naked, kneeling outside the tub for me. This bath lasted over an hour, and puppy did a very good job of refreshing the water periodically so I stayed warm the whole time. Of course, with him naked and exposed to me I could not pass up the opprtunity to tease his clit and balls, which I did multiple times. It was so fun to watch  him try and concentrate on taking care of me while I edged him over and over. Once I was clean, for the first time I allowed him to shave my pussy (pictured above). He was very careful and gentle, and did a good job, I think.
After my bath, puppy dried me thoroughly, then gave me a full body rub down with lotion. He brushed and dried my hair, and made me very relaxed. It really was wonderful.
As a reward, I allowed him to pleasure that newly shaved pussy with his mouth. I made him work for it, holding off my orgasm for about 20 minutes so that puppy's face was fully washed in my juices when he was done. Then I ordered him to fuck me with his fingers. Both orgasms were HUGE! When he was done, he tucked me into bed. I slept better than I have in months....

Got a new whip

Got a new whip today....saw this picture and think I want to to try it out


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Master likes me to use black cock on her

As you can see the black cock I slipped over my soft "clit" (there is noooo other way it will fit hard) is not that HUGE.... same size as I am.  However Mistress Lin truly loved it.  Such an odd feeling to enter her, feel the heat of her pussy....see the cock stretch out her lips and hear her moan and it goes deep in her and yet feel NOTHING.  Then to thrust in her...over and over Master cums VERY hard and VERY often and the new cock gave her 6 orgasms....intense ones...ones that I used to give her.  However all the times, this black cock never went soft, never stopped thrusting.  It became exhausting after the 6th orgasms....yet she kept cumming and cumming and here i was..soft inside a toy....feeling nothing.  It was a honor to be inside of her yes...finally partaking in some way of penetrating her but feeling nothing...not her wetness...not her flexing as she orgasmed.  She even made me watch the cock go in and out of her...knowing while it hit all the spots I wasnt was black...and it gave me no pleasure.  My only pleasure was in seeing her receive it...and I must learn that that is enough. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Party Update

Ok, so sorry to keep you all waiting.
As promised, here are some highlights from Saturdays party:

-puppy was in a room with other naked men for the first time in his life.
-I was entrusted more than one time with other boys, at one time having 3 at a time in my 'care'.
-I stroked and played with at least 4 cocks, a first at one time for me.
-puppy and 6 other bois were tied by their leashes to one of those big X type crosses, and the women were free to play with and tease them as they wished. puppy had a particularly beautiful Mistress tease and play with him for several minutes.
-That same gorgeous girl took quite a liking to me, and she and I played quite a bit over the course of the evening.
-one of the 'house boys' (unescorted toys that were there for everyone's pleasure) was hooked up to the house's fucking machine and his 'pussy' was violated while he was spanked repeatedly by the host until he begged for reprieve.
-after the play on the X was done, and the crowd had dissipated from that room to other areas of play, I forced puppy up against it and teased him. I faux-fucked him, forcing his 'clit' into it and playing with his 'pussy' and balls while his abused 'clit' dripped and leaked all over the X and its platform. I teased and played with him until he begged me to fuck his 'pussy'. THEN
- I took him into a back bedroom and made him beg some more. Then, I took him from behind, putting my 'cock' in his 'pussy' and made him scream for me to fuck his 'pussy' while I slammed into him over and over. After a significant amount of begging, I flipped him on his back, and made him spill his dirty cum all over his stomach.
-Since puppy had been so very good, we culminated the evening having intercourse on a bed next to another couple. While I did allow puppy to penetrate me, he was not supposed to cum. Unfortunately, he did. As punishment, I made him help clean up the cum from the other girl when she had her toy cum on her stomach.
-the girl was being fucked in a swing that had been specially designed by a boy that was in attendance at the party. While her toy fucked her, I fondled her breasts and whispered dirty talk in her ear and helped to bring her to orgasm, puppy on his knees next to me all the while.

All in all, I would say the party was a good time, wouldn't you?

Masters new favorite poster

trimmed and shaved

Since so many wanted me to shave, per my Lady....I shaved and trimmed.....I hope this is better- puppy

Friday, January 7, 2011


Ok, simple.  I came without permission during work.  It is becoming a regular thing.  This adventure is so sexual, so intense, so kinky that I sometimes lose control.  I TRULY wasn't going to tell my fiancee. But again I did.  I don't know if I secretly want to be punished and see what she comes up with or I just lose control.  Maybe a combination of the two.  However after this experience.  I am assured that I will be a better sub and control it.  I, together with my glorious sexy fiancee, realized my punishment must be severe enough so I learn that a pleasurable solo orgasm without permission will forever now be associated with a tortuous solo that way my weak male control and my pathetic dirty clit will begin to realize that my fiancee and her feminine ways are superior and that I need to master self control to please her.  This is about her.  Well, tonight certainly made me never want to cum without permission again. 

Basically...I tied up my balls using a technique that I am trying to master...I also will send blog on tying up balls to Master.  I tied then up tighter than normal as I knew this wasn't going to be long and that I needed to learn.  To me tying them up very tight tonight was a sign that the ownership of them has been transferred to my beautiful Lady.  Tying up the balls is like imprisoning them.  Sure they become sensitive to the touch but at the same time it is nearly impossible to have a full erection.  The rope that binds then restricts that.  Its like you are capturing part of your own body and putting it in prison.  Doing so reminds me that my fiancee has a pair of balls now, namely mine.  That she truly owns them.  She however has truly always owned my cock and balls.  She has constantly been grabbing my cock for years will and with no expectations of me being sexual.  This in many ways has been built up leading to this new experience.  Her ability to grab my cock at will, anywhere, in stores, in front of her house, in the car, in many ways has shown her ownership of it for many years.  Most men would either brush her hand aside as they are embarrassed or want to fuck her as they got excited.  However I just always felt it was enjoyable and it felt like being pet, that this cock that brought her so much pleasure should be readily available for her to touch and grab for her own pleasure and that my pleasure came from the fact that it got to be pet and stroked.  So I guess it has been an easy transition from that to her now grabbing my "clit", balls and fingering my "pussy".   I tend to lower myself now to make it easier for her and even avert my eyes or place my head on her shoulder as a sign that those are her objects to play with as she feels fit and as the former owner presenting his wares to the new owner, I want to show my pleasure that she choose my product.  I want to present them with grace and submission.

So, moving on... I then washed my dirty balls in a bowl of ice as punishment for touching them without permission.  By dirty, I certainly don't mean dirty as in not clean.  I pride myself on my cleanliness. Dirty in this case refers to being bad.  A "dirty boy" who misbehaves.  My balls misbehaved today by allowing cum to pulsate threw them with no permission.  My balls need to be controlled, the very cum they produce need to be respectful to their new Owner.  After immersing them in the icy water, and jumping a bit from the shock, the balls even though tied up tried to shrink away.  They wanted to retreat into my stomach to stay away from the icy water.  However the ties prevented that from happening so my balls still full of cum froze in the water...turning the hot sexy cum inside of them to a cold deadened sack.  I knew that the sperm in each ball was dying quickly from the change in temperature.  And probably fitting as the sperms brothers earlier got to enjoy being released.  Balls so used to being hot, sweaty, full, bursting, churning were now cold, icy, tight, retreating.  They learned their lesson well.

I then slapped my clit with a ruler as a teacher slaps the hands of a student who misbehaves.  I bought the ruler earlier today at Walgreen's.  An odd purchase as I sat there and actually went through many different colors and types of rulers to choose from.  I wondered if my fiancee would like this one or that one.  I slapped it against my hand.  Testing it.  Knowing the only purpose was to slap my "clit".  This wasn't a school project where I needed to make a straight line or measure something.  This was a task assigned to me and the rulers only purpose was to slap my cock immerse in cold water.  I wonder if the "Penway" company ever imagined such a use for its product at production.  The ruler I choose was a soft pinkish red...the color conveyed both anger and femininity...the perfect combination. It is flexible as neither my fiancee nor myself wants to truly commit myself to pain.  Just enough to associate my actions with punishment and to correct for the future. A slap as corporal punishment can change bad behavior easily.

  I then proceed to ruin two orgasms in the bowl as warning that my orgasms for pleasure are only awarded by my fiancee and not myself. Ruined orgasms...what can one say.  You cum... which is in itself a form of pleasure.  But when one removes the motion, the feeling of stroking right before orgasm, it is beyond frustrating and the pleasure is taken away.  You can feel the testicles pull up.  You can feel the vas deferens fill with pressure.  You can feel the explosion starting to balloon forth  But when all motion is stopped it is like the brakes being slammed on a train 100 feet before hitting a car in the roadway.  You KNOW there is NO WAY the train can stop in time, it will hit the car however you have no choice but to stop it or at least try to stop it to minimize the impact.  And as hitting the car is a disaster, so is the ruined orgasm.  A pleasurable moment destroyed.  Cumming without pleasure.  One gets a release with no release.  It dribble or barely squirts out.  You know the rest of it is being drained slowly back into the balls, worthless now. And your brain spins because it has so long assoicated cumming with pleasure and not this half ass, feeble attempt.  Your cock softens thinking it has done its job but your mind knows it didn't do its job and keeps your sexual drive in high gear.  Another association comes to mind from that statement.  Revving your car in neutral...the engine whines and grinds loud thinking its hitting the road and piercing through the air...but the car knows its useless, there is no movement...its dead in the water.  The car itches to go forward yet sits still while the engine races away.  That's my cock and mind from a ruined orgasm racing and going nowhere.

And finally I lap up the cum filled, ball sweat water as a sign of submission and punishment. If I cum without permission...I must repay that by torturing my clit and balls and consuming my cum so I learn that solo orgasms are not for pleasure unless Master commands it.  Cum is not a wonderful taste, however cold cum mixed with ball sweat is much worse.  I don't think a comparison can be made.  One gets the message quite clear from consuming their own cum from a bowl of cold water, "don't cum without permission"!  Eating cum as whole experience is odd.  It is not enjoyable by any means, yet not so bad as I feared.  It is odd however to expel something from your body and then consume it back again. Its like telling the body it made an error, it needs to return what came out from where it came.  You took the toy out of the box, return it.  You came, so put the cum back in you.  Its also a weird yet incredibly sexy feeling to know that I am doing things with cum that no girl I know has.  Many girls don't swallow at all, and even my fiancee who doesn't mind cum have never "played" with it.  She has never licked it out of a condom or a cold bowl of water.  Most girls have not.  Yet here I am with visual proof of eating my own cum, cold, hot, wet and dry.   That's what you call a slut.  A cum whore.  At one point disgusting at the other a kinky fucking submissive bitch thing to do on a command.  I could never EVER eat my cum for my own pleasure (its not pleasure) yet one word from my femdom fiancee...and I consume it.  Is that control from a beautiful new Mistress? Is that a deviant and kinky mind willing to explore? BOTH I think.  But the message is clear.  Your dirty "clit" cum's, you consume it

Well that it...I took the string off, cleaned out the bowl and my balls are finally warming back up.  I learned my lesson.  Its a severe punishment but not an impossible one.  One I think after this log my Mistress will immensely enjoy and one I hope to avoid nearly as much.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

My new toy!

So, last night I had puppy take my car after work and detail it. What a good job he did! He really shined it up so nicely.

As a reward, we sat in the car for about an hour, him with his pants down, fully exposed and vulnerable to me. I proceeded to spend the time edging him, or making him edge for me and ride it over and over.... I would say in all about 15 times, maybe more.

puppy is my new favorite toy. I just love abusing his clit and pussy. It makes me so wet to watch his eyes beg me to stop when I tease his clit over and over, to hear him pant when he is close and then see his anxiety when I don't let him cum. I have always enjoyed my sex life with tony, but this new game is by far my favorite. I get drunk off the power I have over him, and I love the way he really has started behaving like a lovesick puppy.

I love giving him a certain dominating stare and making him avert his eyes just with that. I love making him insanely horny and then teasing him even more. I love when he reverts to RL and tries to tell me he can't take much more teasing, or reminds me he is not naturally sub, only to have him grovel with a quick stroke of his clit.

I am addicted to teasing him. I wish I could keep his clit with me all the time and just fuck with it all day. I wish I could tie him up in a corner while I work and make his clit stay hard all day long.

I am so obsessed with this game.

Some new pics of Mistress

Spread open for worship

mmmm can the subs smell me?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So, we are going to a boy toy party on Saturday. I am SO excited! I cannot wait to show puppy off. He really has a beautiful clit, and a nice body. He is on his way to being a perfect sub, and I am bringing him there. I am so proud of how far we have come, and I know there will be some wonderful Mistresses there to show me how we can take it to the next level! I can't decide what I want to do with him while there! Do I want to tease him? Are we ready for trading? Do I want others to fondle and inspect him? Do I just want to watch other Dommes and get some ideas? My head is swimming (and so is my pussy. I am gushing wet just thinking about it)!

Anyone have ideas/suggestions? Anyone been to a party like this? I would love some input on how to behave.

puppy speaks-

Puppy is happy with all that has happened....he needs to be trained and is sometimes a very bad puppy....tonight he squirted a little when edging his dirty little slit for Master and will tell Her.  puppy loves Master.  puppy saw her at work today....she looked so beautiful it was hard not to hump leg and sniff crotch.  Master looks more radiant than ever and puppy's friends can see it as well.  They flirt with Master even more than before.  puppy will be probably going to his first dog show with Master this weekend....nervous but VERY excited.  Master will have new collar on puppy and show puppy off to other Masters and Mistresses.  puppy hopes hit clit doesn't leak so much and wonders is Master will be looking and lusting after bigger doggies.  Even as puppy writes this, clit is leaking and pussy wants to be played with.  puppy can be such a naughty girl and a dirty little whore.  Wanting to feel Masters cock and rub clit over Masters leg is so fun.  puppy hopes Master is happy with diary.  puppy needs to go to bed.  Night!

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Monday, January 3, 2011

Puppy speaks-1st party

My beautiful Master wishes to attend a "boy toy" party on Friday.  At is...puppy is to remain hooded, and naked while other male subs do the same with the Mistresses enjoying themselves...making us do tricks, swapping subs if so desired, and just kneeling beside them.  Any thoughts, comments, suggestions? I have NEVER been naked in a room with guys in it.  Puppy wants to please Mistress Lin and will be a good sub.  Knowing she is excited is all i need. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

puppy and I rang in the new year with lots of friends. We had a wonderful time! I rang in the new year by mercilessly teasing and edging his clit all night/day! So much fun to make him ride the edge. I just love having his little clit so close to orgasm, have him panting and whining like the dirty little pup he is, all the while I'm telling him he can't cum. I especially love ordering him to stroke it while I tickle his balls. This makes it so much more difficult for him to hold back. He looks at me, out of breath and gives me a big puppy whine and begs me to stop or let him cum.... Then I make him hump the air like all horny puppies do. mmmmm.... I just LOVE this game.

Happy New Year all! Can't wait to see where it takes us!