Friday, December 30, 2011

My first blow job!!??

Well, I never thought I would be writing a blog post about Blow Jobs...especially when one has the taste of cum in his mouth, chapped lips, knees hurting from kneeling in a park, a stretched out and transformed throat and a drying glaze of male seed on ones face? But here I am..hours after having my throat transformed and reshaped into the mere dirty fuck hole for the pleasure of one....the pleasure of my Femdom Fiancee....My Master.....She took and raped my throat earlier and made me give my first blow HER! 

I should have known the evening was going to be different.  She started out telling me I was to wear a dry condom allll day long BUT made sure I knew this was not to be referred to a  condom...not YET...real men wear a condom...this was simply a dry clit juice catcher and she then went on to tease me throughout the day causing me to leak "clit juice" or "cuck tears", as she now likes to refer to it, into my clit juice catcher.  Driving around all day...she made me leak....when i went into a store...she made me edge into a restroom....she sent me dirty pics...All day.....leak...leak...leak. My clit catcher which started dry, and comfortable quickly got filled with juices and started weighing down.

While I thought that this was it for the day she made sure I then placed my "cock cage" over my little clit and locked it up.  I picked her up and she was STUNNING....So sexy.  Her high black boots...a skirt...and a tight blouse that accentuated her 36DD breasts. But as soon as we drove 25 feet I know i was in trouble....she took my hand stuck it in between her legs....and there was a COCK.  Not a cold plastic...this thing felt real!!! The head....the shaft...the balls...the firmness of the harness against her body gave it a realistic feel and a security like it was a part of her. WELLLL at least as far as I know it felt real.  I have never touched another mans cock.  But this certainly felt like mine.  And ALL the way to the bar My Master made me stroke it....twisting the head at her command....stroking down the shaft....feeling the tube on the underside.  "Stoke my cock whore....your not a man tonight...your a slut with a wet pussy and a tiny clit...I am the man..I am the one with the cock." All the things I used to make my little sluts do...I was doing to her....stroking as we went down the street to the bar....talking dirty the whole time.  "Thats it baby....make my cock hard...make it feel good."

We then went to a bar, she found a secluded spot...she ordered me to enter and she set up her laptop in front of me.  She then spent the next two hours showing me pictures of femdom's fucking mens mouths with strap ons...of cucks giving head to the men who fucked their wives and girlfriends, of men in chastity like I was.  As well the whole time She spoke of me doing things to Her bull...of sucking Her as practice for sucking bulls.  "Mmmm look at the little cucks sucking manly cock....youll soon be a cock sucker....tonight you will learn." At one point she paused and made me use the womans restroom (a private one) and ruin an orgasm into my already wet clit juice catcher encased in the cage.  "Fill your little clit catcher in the little girls room while thinking of all those REAL cocks....of how they are going to fuck me....and how your going to be the clean up bitch." It didnt take long to realize  in the girls restroom that this thing on the head of my "clit" was already FULL...the tip full of "cuck tears" and the shaft swimming in the juices and sweat that all day have been trapped inside. But she ordered another load of ruined juices in....and I gave it to her.  Putting back on my cage was difficult as the catcher was SO full....but I obeyed.

After another hour of teasing at the bar...of seeing her bring up pictures...of hearing how "superior the cocks" she saw where to my pathetic clit...she made me stroke her again...she put my hand under her skirt at the bar....and said "Stroke me....stroke a real mans cock"....I stroked and stroked until my arm hurt from pumping her cock.  She ordered me to kiss her neck..lick her ear as I stroked her cock and as she viewed, admired and spoke about the bulls and their cocks  "Mmmm so many hot black mens pictures here...I bet Michael's is beautiful....i bet his cock would look so nice next to my white skin"  "I so want to hold your hand as he fucks me hard and stretches out my little pussy".  "Look at the this picture...see how the cuck licks right at the point where the bulls cock enters Her...that will be you.....I want your tongue lubing up my lovers cock as it enters dont stop stroking my cock bitch."  Finally at one point after feeding me a shot of whiskey and paying the bill (as a man should do for his whore date) she said it was time to go and time "to lay claim to my throat."  She said that after tonight it will be easier for me to suck real cock "because I will have broken it in...I am going to take your throat cherry and turn your mouth into a cunt....when I am done you will be dreaming of giving head to my bulls after they fuck me."  We drove to an area familiar to me....a park...a park with a small man made lake that back in my college days I used to bring hot college girls.  She asked me about them..." how many of them did you bring out here after a date...after doing some many stroked your cock on the many kneeled by the dock here and gave you head and sucked down your loads?".  She told me that now I was the cum slut....I was the buzzed whore and that place, that park would have new meaning now and I would be changed FOREVER.  Now I would feel like it was to leave there...with a throat made into a pussy for anothers enjoyment.

We parked...she made me lay down in the seat..."like a slut does in the backseat" and remove my clit cage....and ruin ANOTHER orgasms into the clit juice catcher....all while talking about bulls and how their cocks were superior and how I was going to become her little cock whore in a few minutes.  "Stroke your little clit slut....but don't you DARE cum....think of the sounds I will make as a bull ruins the pussy that you have been denied for months from entering....think of how my pussy will look after being filled with the seed of another man".  "Think of how I will be pleased as you suck the cock that had just pleased me and clean it off....think of my pleasure alone."  By the time she was done in the car the "clit catcher" was FULL...with multiple loads of juice extracted out.  She told me to CAREFULLY remove it....not spilling a drop.  She then whipped out her "cock" the cock she had me stroke before.  It looked SOO real....head, shaft, balls. She made me take the clit juice catcher and put it on her cock  "put the condom on me like a good careful slut who does not want to get pregnant" I carefully rolled it on...making sure not to spill any.  NOW it was no longer my clit juice no longer was on the head of my clit to catch my cuckold now became a cum HER filled condom.  It became a condom full of my Master seed and wrapped around her glorious cock.  Her cock stood proudly with the condom on it...FILLED to the brim with 18 hours of cum in it....full at the tip...the sides bulging....and one could smell the odor of cock sweat and cum in the car.  We left the one point she pushed me against the walls and kissed me...asking me if maybe I wanted to suck her off on my knees in the rocks....but she said no....she was nice to her sluts.  She got a blanket out and found a secluded spot with stairs near the water.  She laid the blanket down like a man does for his girl...fished out her cock with her engagement ring shown clearly on her hand wrapped around her cock ....and said " bitch...without any talk....suck my cock and do it well." .

I got down on my between her spread legs...looked at her panties..her legs cast in black leather boots....and did what I have had been done to me in that exact spot many times over the years...I took her cock in my lips and sucked it.  The first thing I noticed was the taste of a condom.....a plastic taste...rubbery in a way.  then i could feel the shaft of Her cock push past my lips and into my throat.  I don't know woman do it....but having a thick filled shaft in your throat and not gagging is an art.  She had me look up at her...and took Flash...took a picture....she made me lick the head....pulling it into my mouth and demanding me to lick the balls.  She told me to lick the shaft up and down....feeling the vein running along the bottom....feeling the head of the cock ridge....feeling the balls and their weight.  I could feel the heaviness as well of the cum filled condom on the end....and could feel the contents squishing around as I sucked.  I looked down and saw a cock enter my mouth and could see the juices all over it.  She then ordered me to open my mouth wide...very wide  That's when she started to rape my mouth.  Rape is an appropriate word as this was not a gentle introduction into the fine art of cock sucking.  This was an attempt and desire to fuck my mouth and transform it into a fuck hole for Her pleasure.  To make my mouth into a cunt. Simple.  As she took kittens ass hard and fast a few months back with no little or no concern about her pain or pleasure ...she took my mouth hard and fast with little or no concern on my pain or pleasure.  Holding my head....pulling my hair....pushing her cock as far and as deep as it could go before giving me a breath of air.  Ramming it hard and deep. back again  Stretching my lips and breaking the cherry of my throat.

 Flash....she another picture...."Good little cock slut.....thats it...suck my cock well like your going to suck my bulls cock...I want our blog followers to see it...Imagine my little whore the outside of my bulls manly cock tasting like my pussy... the juices dripping off him from him bull fucking me so hard" "Are you going to be a good fluffer for my lovers? Preparing them for me?".  "You are going to be such a nice little cock whore when I am done with you".  OVER and OVER as she rammed it into my throat she spoke about her bulls, my mouth serving them and me becoming her true whore and slave.  She was making me Her bitch....Her cum loving cock whore.  After a while my throat started to relax and she was able to keep her cock lodged deep in my whore throat as she made me lick her the underside of Her cock as well as Her balls.  She praised my ability to learn to be a cock whore so fast. "Good whore....your a fast learner".

She then ordered me back up slightly...on my haunches.  She slapped my face with her cock....she wanted  marks for me to remember it by.  She wanted to leave cock marks on my face as a way of showing my transformation and her conquering of my face and throat.  She then took a small nail clipper from her pocket...and lightly clipped the VERY little end off the tip of the condom...and said.  "Now I am ready to cum....suck it..HARD whore...EVERY DROP...drain ME" I hesitated knowing that multiple loads were in there...HOURS and HOURS of old cum....cuck tears.....cock sweat...pre cum...all there.  Master didn't appreciate the hesitation and grabbed my face pulling me onto her cock.  "NOW BITCH!" I sucked....salty, wet....cold....thick.... juices were being pulled out of the condom with each suck and deposited in my mouth.  It seemed ENDLESS!  Every time I sucked on Her cock...another entire mouthful was taken in.  I couldn't believe I was sucking my Masters cock in a public place and swallowing load after load of Her cum.  And sucking wasnt enough for I sucked the contents of her condom out...she fucked my mouth hard again...causing the cum to go deep down my gullet and then shallow on my tastebuds as she pulled me off.  DEEP... coating my throat with cum...and then shallow again filing my taste buds.  I gagged a little but was immediately thrust down on Her cock deep and pulled back off.  Here i was, in the park where i had numerous college co eds suck my cock, on my knees between my Mistresses legs....sucking cum out of a condom covered cock harnessed to her body and being violently face fucked  My face was just a hole for Her to use...she plowed my head down on her cock over and over and over.  The cum flowing seemed to be endless.  "Suck every drop bitch....and don't let any spill". I sucked hard to make sure that there was nothing left....I drained Her.

Finally no more cum was cumming out of the tip.  My Master took the condom, pulled it off and threw it in the grass.  "Now take my cum coated shaft....rub it over your face...your lips....i want you REEKING of a cum like a street whore when i drop your ass off."  She rubbed the shaft over my eyes, in my hair...on my cheeks.  She took the remaining cum and coated my lips like lip gloss and looked at me.  "Oh yes make a good cum pretty with your cum stained lips"  I begged her to let me cum..BEGGED to do anything to let me cum...but she just laughed and said. "Like all the sluts you left hanging after you came in their mouths..,so i am leaving you.  NOW you know how it feels to have wet panties and a face and belly full of cum." She got up...took another picture of the condom on the ground and asked me if  I thought anyone would guess what just happened here if they saw that.  I followed behind her...eyes downcast...broken....knees hurting from kneeling....chapped lips...a stretched and transformed throat....cum in my mouth...and a drying hardening glaze of male seed on my face.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Strap on for Puppy's first blow job!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my pup's story detailing how I raped his throat. Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't tell you I owe that entire incredibly hot, kinky eperience to my new toy. As you will recall, my last review was for the cock itself. As a reminder, here is where you can find that particular product (there was a question on my pup's post about where I got such a realistic looking cock).

To recap, this cock is wonderful. It is so realistic looking and feeling. When I reviewed it, there were really only 2 drawbacks. First, it doesn't get hard. It is more for show, to make a girl look like she has male parts under her clothes. Of course, a dildo wouldn't do for this sort of thing since it's erect, and this wouldn't work as a dildo. But that is fine. For my purposes, it worked just fine.

My second drawback was that I didn't have a proper harness for it. After all, what good is a packing cock if you are constantly having to check and make sure it's secure. Well, leave it to Eden Fantasies, our sex toys partners to fix that issue for me, and in a BIG way.

The harness was great. It fit the packing cock snugly into it, and in a way that from the outside of my clothe, even when stroked and caressed one really couldn't tell that the unit I was packing wasn't my own! Additionally, as you could probably guess from my pup's review, that baby doesn't go anywhere! I was really able to make pup go to town on my cock and it never budged. The entire time he was sucking (and I made him suck hard.... As you know, I make him work hard for my affections) and neither one of us even had one moment of worry that it was coming loose, or needed more security. I didn't have to hold onto it, and neither did he. With the harness my cock truly did feel like an extension of me.

The other good thing about this harness is that not only does it keep the packing cock in place, but it also stays put on my body. It is an elastic band. It doesn't fit so tightly that it cuts off my circulation, nor does it feel loose at all. It is a snug fit, and is really quite comfortable.

All in all, the packing cock and harness are by far my favorite of all the sex toys that Eden has sent us to review! I highly recommend it, and encourage any of you who might be interested to get this one!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New horizons....

The other day, my pup got his first taste of being cucked. The extra special twist to this was that it was both unplanned, and with a gorgeous woman. I have been friends with her for a while, and we went out for the first time in a long time the other evening. We flirted, talked, etc. but this was nothing new. Eventually, the conversation turned to sex (as conversations are wont to do), and it was then she made it known that she has been harboring a desire for me for several months.

Here is where things get interesting… I have been with other women (as you all can attest to). I love it. It is fun and sexy. I have always been in charge. With her, I was not. With her it was mutual. This was a very interesting thing, and it has made writing this blog a little bit of a dilemma for me. You are all aware of what I am capable of. You have all read my stories and know that I am quite comfortable in charge. So, how do I tell the story of this awesome experience, and be honest about it without being domme? I have gone over and over this and frankly, I have just decided not to be. This was too hot not to share, and if it makes me look like a girl can domme me, so be it. If it’s anything like this experience, I will happily be a switch for women…

So, first I will tell you about the cuck part. After drinks we went to her place. I set puppy up on the couch nicely with water and the TV remote. He was instructed to wait for me like a good boi, and then expected to drive me home after (like any good bitch would).

Once we were in the room together, the sex was pretty straightforward. I am not saying it was not exciting or anything like that, because it was. I just mean there was no kink. There was no spanking, no bondage, not even any toys. It was just two beautiful, horny women sucking and fucking each other to several orgasms.

I have to tell you, I loved this experience. I loved just letting go and having fun. I loved being flipped on my back by a gorgeous woman. I loved her talking dirty to me while her fingers made me cum. I loved feeding my breasts to her and watching her suckle them hungrily. I loved kissing her and sucking on her breasts. I loved feeling her tongue on my clit. I loved moaning for her when she made my pussy feel so good.

I loved the feel of her pussy lips parting on my tongue as I entered her body. The feel of her clit between my lips as the dew of her pussy juices dripped on my chin and my nose parted her body. I loved inhaling her smell, her legs on either side of my head as she writhed on the bed out of control with orgasm, only my mouth attached to her flailing body just trying to hang on for the ride. I loved hearing her orgasm as my mouth tried its best to hold on to the wet piece of flesh that is the essence of her sex. I loved the satisfaction of knowing no toy, no appendage...nothing but a mouth (that people see every day in public, and would never think I would be using it in such a way) caused her such pleasure. In short, I LOVED everything about it.

This was a different experience for me. I have always enjoyed my forays into sex with women, but I never liked them like this before. Her pussy tasted so good, her kiss was soft and supple. Her breasts were delicious. I wanted to soak up every drop of her cum, and then force more out. I was ravenous with desire… This is something I have only ever experienced with men before.

I loved it so much in fact that after, when I would in the past have been so horny for cock that I would have devoured my pup and then looked for more all I wanted to do was kiss and caress her more. We laid on the bed in post coital bliss for several minutes, kissing and talking and discussing how we wanted to make this a regular occurrence. After a while, I decided my pup was probably beside himself with lust, so we had to end it. However, I made sure she and I were both dressed so my naughty little cuck didn’t even get to see anything. I walked out of the bedroom, kissed my girl goodnight and told pup I was ready to leave. He had so many questions on the ride home. I told him he could read about it in the blog….
I think this should be my new profile pic... don't you?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

shaved and marked

i made the mistake of letting a girl flirt with me and flirting back....This morming Master had me shave smooth my clit and the entire area around it.  She said that is what whores do.  As well she had me mark above my clit a reminder and demanded I post it RIGHT AWAY.  So here is it. - puppy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Reclaiming him!!!

So, recently puppy received a promotion at work. With the extra office time that is required in addition to me working 2 jobs and going to school, we have not had much play time.

 It has become increasingly clear that this promotion thing is starting to go to his head. His ego was getting quite inflated, and he was slipping a lot. For instance, he would refer to his pathetic little clit as a cock, call his pussy his ass, call his disgusting clit juice his cum, etc. While he was always apologetic for his little slip ups, I realized if I did not make him reassert his full submission to me, I might never get him back to where I really do love him to be under my complete and utter domination!

I am sure it's difficult when you are the boss (and especially when most of your employees are women, as in this case) to switch roles and take orders. This however, is not really my problem. I came first. He was my sub before he was anyone's boss, and I will be damned if a job will undo all of my hard work...

So, it was time for puppy's retraining...

Lately I have really gotten into him serving me. I have had many orgasms, been pampered with dinner, drinks, bubble baths, etc.... A girl could REALLY get used to that. But, none of that get him into 'subspace' quite as much as when I stick my cock deep inside him and force him to cum.

So, I had him prepare for me. He cleaned properly, shaved the area around his clit balls and pussy (see before and after photo below), wore his prettiest panties and his cage.

 I ordered him to the bedroom, and ordered him naked. Only then did I lift up the skirt I was wearing to reveal the cock I had strapped on underneath. I ordered him to his knees and had him suck it.

He sucked my cock long and deep. I told him to really concentrate on the feeling of a cock in his mouth. I mentioned the ridges of it. I pulled it out often and ordered him to look at it. To study the cock that would be pounding his pussy and claiming it soon. I pointed out particular spots and had him lick and touch them, getting to know all the unique grooves and ridges of this particular cock.

I then ordered him to bend over the bed. I positioned myself to his side, and informed him it was time for him to be punished for his little slip ups. I took out my riding crop and began spanking him. With every crack of it on his ass I made him apologize to me for his insubordination. I made him list one by one all of his infractions, humbly apologizing for each.

Once his ass was good and red on the right side, I moved across him and knelt next to his left. As I proceeded to make the left cheek match the right, I turned his head toward me and shoved my cock deep down his throat. As I increased the intensity of the beating of his ass, I also increased the intensity of my raping of his mouth. I told him he was a good cock sucker. I asked him if he enjoyed my cock in his mouth. I informed him he needed to practice so I could feed him the cock of my bull when I cucked him. He needs to learn to be a good cock sucker so he can fluff my studs for me.

Once I felt his ass was in enough discomfort, I ordered him on his back. I wanted to see his face as I fucked him. I wanted him to feel me with every thrust. Not just my cock plowing into him, but also continue to feel his beating and be reminded of his place beneath me with pleasure and pain all at once.

I proceeded to reclaim his pussy as my own. To reclaim his body as my fuck toy and his mind as my playground. With every thrust I reminded him of the ridges of my cock, and asked him where he felt those ridges now. I forced him to focus on every sensation my cock was giving his dirty pussy and tell me exactly what part of it felt the places on my cock I had forced him to study earlier. His dirty clit dripped like a faucet with juice and I made him repeatedly wipe it with his hand and lick it clean, each time making him reassert verbally that he is a dirty little cum slut.

As I increased the intensity of his fucking, I forced him to scream and beg me to fuck his dirty pussy harder. He was instructed to tell me he was my dirty whore and beg me to fuck him harder and deeper. I made him beg me to make him cum all over himself and then clean up his mess. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige...

BONUS:  FOR OUR LOYAL BLOGGERS: Picture BEFORE and AFTER shaving of puppy's clit:
(Please let me know what you think in comments)

Monday, November 21, 2011

New idea for playtime!!!

Check out this picture I found on google:

Guess what I want to do the next time I take puppy's pussy!!!

I'm thinking it'll be good for a fun picture to share with you all. Or, maybe it'll become a new series... We could call it 'puppy prints' and you can all tell how hard I fucked him from the look of his artwork....

What d'ya think?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

More fun with texts...

Taking the advice of one of our followers, I had my pup cage his clit and
wear my cock around. He slept with it, took pictures, etc. just so he could
feel what it is like to be a real man and have a cock that is a decent size
that women desire.

puppy: I ummm Master took pics with the real cock I think you will like

Master. Ty for letting me sleep with a real cock
Master: Mmmm. Good. Send
puppy: ‎This one shows huge tent in my underwear
like real men have.

puppy: ‎I imagine this is what happens when real men pee

puppy: ‎It was odd to stroke one so big.  

puppy: ‎A real cock doesn't fit in underwear

Master: God. That's HOT
puppy: ‎It was so long master

puppy: What was so hot?
Master: The sticking out of your underwear

Master: So, I'll bet you feel like hot shit now, don't you?
puppy: No master. I feel inadequate

Master: I think that last one is my favorite

puppy: Yeah I figured

puppy: I think it’s hot too

puppy: Looks real

Master: Well, you are inadequate, but didn't it feel good to know what a
real man feels like for a change?

puppy: I wish my clit looked like that lying down

Master: Me too
puppy: It made me realize you deserve real men
Master: Yes. I do
puppy: Michael as well as others you choose
puppy: I thought as I saw that last one that you deserve to lay down next
to a cock like that and fall asleep
puppy: A cock that's bigger when it’s soft then I am hard
Master: Yes, I do
puppy: Thank you for letting me see myself with a real cock instead of a
pathetic clit
Master: YW
puppy: Please fuck a real man Master and take the satisfaction you deserve.
Master: Hopefully now you understand my frustration a little better
puppy: You need cock
Master: I need a real man
puppy: Real cock
Master: Yes
Master: I need a man who can please me with more than just toys, mouth and

puppy: Ok...that just made me cum in my panties
Master: What? Bad puppy. No cumming
puppy: I ruined it
puppy: But I came
puppy: Sorry Master
Master: Consume it whore
puppy: Yes Master, licking it like a good cum whore for Master

Master: Good
Master: Did it get on my cock?
puppy: Sucking cum out of boxers and in mouth master
puppy: Yes, I licked it off
Master: Good
puppy: Licked shaft

Master: Good. You had better get it all off. I don't want my perfect cock
sullied with your dirty seed
puppy: No master...your cock is so perfect
puppy: I worship it
Master: Good
puppy: Master you need orgasms. You need to taste a real man’s
need to kiss a real man
puppy: I want to help you be satisfied
Master: Yes. I do
puppy: I will prepare you and clean you after like a good sub
Master: Yes, you will
puppy: I wish to serve
puppy: like the pics??
Master: Loved them
puppy: Did it get you wet?
Master: Yes
puppy: I'm glad to help get your pussy wet for a real cock to slide in

Master: Though that's a very forward question for a sub to ask, don't you
puppy: I'm sorry master. Forgive me
Master: I'll think about it
puppy: I need to lick you master...on my knees

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cuckolding-sub IM messages

Our newest idea for this blog is to let you in on our most intimate text conversations. The reason for this is twofold... #1- we have some damned sexy conversations, and sometimes they're worth sharing, but not exactly something I can write a story about. #2- to give you a better idea of what a dirty little whore my puppy is becoming.

When we have a particularly sexy convo, I will post them here. Sometimes I will need to edit to help you follow along, but hopefully not too  much so it doesn’t ruin it….

In regards to my potential Bull, and other things, here are some recent texts:


puppy: He was out tonight, flirting with a girl but said he would dump her
if you asked him to cum over...sheeeeezzzz

Master: Yes. Said and I quote "I will fuck you and use you like the dirty
slut you want to be for a bbc bull"

Master: Pulling you hair as you go down on me

puppy: He would come over and fuck you in a second! What the hell affect do
you have on men?

Master: perhaps if he can fuck me as well as he thinks, I'll be more than
happy to submit to him.

puppy: You'll be happy to submit to him??

Master: Yes

Master: If he is good


puppy: So yeah...Your Bull was ummmm interesting

Master: Yes.

puppy: Kept talking of your breasts

puppy: Pussy

Master: Horny for me.

puppy: Desiring you

Master: Mmmm

puppy: Even said how he would fuck you daily

Master: Daily

Master: Hot

Master: At one point I said. Let me get this right if I said come over here
and fuck me now and whenever I want and even bring a friend if I wanted you
would. And he said in a second

Master: He's a good friend to have

puppy: And he said when he fucked you that he would go as long as you
needed him to all night or an hour, whatever you needed

Master: Mm

Master: He did warn that many girls get addicted to black cock after him

puppy: Oh yeah?

puppy: Hey what do you mean daily is hot???

Master: Self-explanatory

puppy: Well I mean...he is like 2 inches longer

Master: Yes

puppy: That's kinda a lot

puppy: So you like this guy?

Master: Yes

puppy: Downloaded "hypnosis" tapes. One to make me submit to you as a
Mistress more as directed. One to make me desire to be a good cuck. Etc.
for you to use as training and punishment.

puppy: Heard a little of the cuck one...kinda hot " you want her to fuck
another man...think of her touching him" in a mantra like audio

Master: Hot

puppy: Another one is supposed to make you just cum from ass fucking alone

Master: Hotter

puppy: All I know if that between the Bull convo and the
panties are soaked in pre cum

puppy: And you seriously want to fuck him?

Master: Yes

puppy: Just yes?

Master: What more did you need?

puppy: I think it would be way hot as well!

I want to see you touch another guy....kiss another guy.

I want to see him make you cum like you deserve....over and over like a

I want to hold you and feel him thrust into you and know I'm not doing it.

I want to smell you after another man fucked you and look at your beautiful
pussy after another guy was there.

I want to enter you after another guy who is bigger was in you and feel the

I want to be taken down a notch an know that another man can make you cum

puppy: Ok now my panties are totally soaked

puppy: I want to see a good looking guy fuck you into bliss as well.

puppy: And well...for some reason its humiliatingly hot for you to cum from
a guy with a larger cock and that’s hot

puppy: I want to kiss your lips that have been only kissed by me for so
long after you suck his cock and see the ring I bought you stroke a cock

Master: I want that too

puppy: I want to see him grab the breasts that only I have worshipped and
slide his cock in between them since I have been denied it

puppy: Large black cock in between those milky white breasts

puppy: I want to hold your hand and feel it squeeze mine so I know the
exact moment that another man made you cum and always wonder if it was
better than me. And spend the rest of my life trying to prove myself more
worthy sexually

puppy: To smell another man’s cologne on you and sperm on he
claimed part of you and know that he understands how your pussy feels and
tastes… that he goes home smelling like you.

puppy: And to somehow know that he can hit places with the head of his cock
inside you that I cannot ever feel (My Bull is bigger than my pup) drives
me mad with lust

puppy: As well you are so sexual that you deserve to be sexually satisfied
by a stable of men, woman. And toys

puppy: I hope you fuck me soon master as hard as you desire to be fucked by
Your Bull

puppy: I need to learn that my clit is useless and that my pussy is the
only way to cum and that cum must be consumed to make up for all those
times I had woman take my load. I need to become a true cum whore to make
you happy Master

Master: Yes. You do.

Master: You need to learn your place is at my feet or at the end of my cock.

Master: That your only sexual pleasure should be in giving me mine

puppy: Yes’s my true place. I want to suck your cock tonight
master on my knees to show proper respect

puppy: Yes your pleasure is all that matters. I live for that

puppy: Ummm may I masturbate Master?

Master: No

Master: Why do you want to masturbate?

puppy: Because with all our talk etc. and those balls are huge
and I leak constantly

Master: But you are a pup

Master: And pups don't get to relieve their own frustrations

Master: So no

Master: And you've done nothing to please me in days. How can you allow
yourself pleasure knowing you've denied it to Me?

puppy: I will please you tonight

Master: And then maybe you can get release