Friday, December 24, 2010

slave speaks:punishment fufilled?

New panties, eating cum, ruined orgasm...5 of them in fact for my Mistress....i cant believe i can have 5 ruined orgasm and still be horny....still have desire...ruined orgasm are worse than any milking.  Please look at last several photos and captions to see how i progressed today and fulfilled my Mistresses command.  i cannot apologize enough for cumming without permission...after eating 5 loads of cum and wearing panties i not only have a new appreciation of all woman but truly worship my Goddess even more.  i have been humbled...i go to bed with cum on my breath like a proper cum slut...and after having cleaned my new panties in the hope and desire that the actions, pictures, and captions I wrote will satisfy my Mistress.  Please all review and tell me if i did enough.  If further explanation is needed of the pictures, let me know that as well.  i beg forgiveness for ever forgetting that my clit is here for your use, abuse, pleasure and satisfaction and not mine...i will not let me grievance occur again.  Please followers tell Mistress if i did enough.  i am her whore....her slut....her fuck toy...she has full access to my clit...and i am to be her clean up bitch...from her and until she dsires a change.  i am forever your pussy boi.

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