Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My new puppy

Good morning everyone! Sorry I've been out of touch for the last couple of days. I have been singularly focused and obsessed with my puppy. I have been researching training techniques and implementing new ideas to ensure puppy behaves. With a pup who's an alpha in the real world, I have to work so hard to assert my dominance. That being said, here are some new changes:

RULES- puppy has a new set of rules, specifically made for him. I will post them in another post. They are similar to stuff that is in our contract, but I wanted to make sure I drove the point home.

TOYS- we went out shopping (and online) and have some new toys coming. They include a butt plug with a puppy tail attached, puppy ears if I really want the whole look, anal ring toss game, nipple clamps with bells attached (thinking I will have puppy wear them around the house. Normally bells are for cats, but I like the idea of him ringing when he serves me), a ball gag, over the door restraints so I can stand him up and tease him, and a muzzle. With our busy schedules, we have scheduled a "training day" for Monday, January 10. So, I will be sure to take LOTS of pictures for you all and post them.

OTHERS- these were not in the rules, but I have come across them since the rules were made, so they are added. When we are out shopping, etc, puppy is to walk behind me at all times. He must remain close enough to me that I can touch/fondle him discreetly anytime I want. he cannot touch me though, without asking and receiving permission first. Also, as he posted, he is to begin training himself to sleep nude (or at least without bottoms) on his belly and spread eagle. The reasoning for this is twofold; 1- so that he is always vulnerable to me and anything I choose to do with/to him, and 2- to remind him that he is simply my plaything, and that my desires are of the utmost importance, even moreso than his comfort while sleeping.

So, what does puppy think of all of this? I had the following text on my phone when I awoke this morning:

"Sleeping like a puppy whore for you. Legs spread and pussy open on belly. Offering my pussy for you take, rape, use at your will. Exposing myself to you. Giving up my pussy to your cock when demanded. My hole is always open for your superior cock. My legs spread like a hotel room whore waiting for a slap or a cock or a caress. Clit buried in mattress leaking on itself. Face in pillow to muffle the yelps as your puppy's pussy is exposed for you and for whoever you desire. I will wake up and lick the sheet where my clit sweat, and puppy cum leaked all night and made a mess. Ill be dreaming of my Lady."


"Woke up humping bed Master, clit hard and wet..pussy in air begging to be used...your dirty cum slut is becoming more of a whore today than ever."

What do you think? ;)

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